Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Bathroom installations are one of the most demanding to carry out especially when they are commissioned by demanding designers who deal with the varying, sometimes complex, requirements of their clients.

In contrast, much of the value of a newly bought kitchen is either enhanced or let down by the quality of installation. A badly installed kitchen will not last as long as you would like due to several small reasons which, when all put together, will drive deterioration / wear and tear far quicker.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation

Bathrooms are like small temples in the house these days as people take a shower or a bath just to relax – this therefore giving designers scope for the creation of more advanced environments as nowadays bathrooms come with many new features. And it is this interaction between designers and clients that is pushing the quality boundaries of bathroom design and installation which requires a higher standard from builders and installers thereby positioning J&B Builders (South London) Ltd. as a strong company with every project.

Attention to detail with kitchen installations and renovations is what gives long lasting results, and a kitchen needs a lot of attention for the diversity of required skills needed in order to accomplish a proper installation.  Kitchen installations have been carried out by J&B builders (South London) Ltd. since the company started some 30 plus years ago.


“We were kept informed from the start until the end, at no point did we feel uneasy. A very pleasant experience and end product, thank you J&B”

Charlie, London SW6